Invisibobble is the traceless hair ring that has gained cult status amongst hair stylists thanks to its gentle action on the hair. It’s unique shape ensures that when hair is tied back that no kink is left, avoids headaches and guarantees a strong grip for creative up-dos for all different hair types.

Invisibobble is represented by five different permanent products (NANO, ORIGINAL, POWER, SLIM and KIDS), that shine in different colors, collections and editions.


Closing the gap between hair ties and bobby pins, Invisibobble® NANO! Whether beginner or pro, romantic braid or casual half bun – the little styling tool is there to offer a helping hand. The Invisibobble® NANO allows you to separate smaller hair sections, fix elegant updos or secure impressive braided styles – no need for clips or bobby pins!

The NANO collection comes in true black, pretzel brown, to be or nude to be and crystal clear blends in perfectly with your hair.


Hair caring, no kink, strong hold – the Invisibobble® ORIGINAL’s unique spiral shape makes it possible thanks to its smooth surface, the hair tie doesn’t tangle with dry or wet hair. That’s why the Invisibobble® hair tie is the perfect companion for every occasion!

The ORIGINAL collection comes in six unique colours. crystal clear, true black, and pretzel brown fit every outfit and occasion; to be or nude to be, blush hour and mint to be add the certain colourful something!


The intensified spiral shape of the Invisibobble® POWER gives your hair an extra strong grip during sports or other high-energy activity, without compromising the high wearing comfort. The POWER is the perfect companion for your intense workout as it doesn’t absorb fluids and can be easily taken out of wet hair without tangling.

The POWER collection comes in true black, crystal clear, to be or nude to be and pretzel brown which will go with every outfit and every situation during fitness and your everyday life.


To dress casually but still look sophisticated while standing out is the ultimate styling goal for most women trying to strike the balance between “over-the-top” and “underdressed”. Obviously, the right hairdo is just as important as the outfit. And the Invisibobble® SLIM hair tie is the perfect tool to easily create a fitting hair style.

Its four colours Crystal Clear, True Black, Chrome Sweet Chrome and Bronze Me Pretty look delicate in the hair. Without an effort, the Invisibobble® SLIM hair ring creates a bouncy ponytail or a voluminous bun.



Thanks to the Invisibobble® KIDS hair ties the time of knots and hair pains is over. The extra small spiral form makes it the perfect tool to create adorable hairstyles for kids.

With the Invisibobble® KIDS hair ties children’s dreams come true: They can be the most gorgeous princess in town, creating a secret crown around their updo-bun with Princess Sparkle – or get an enchanting look with Magic Rainbow and a little bit of fairy dust.